Happy 2016!

It seems fitting to make my first blog post of 2016 describing the projects that I am undertaking during the coming year.  I am very excited to be participating in all of them, and I know that I will grow as a musician because of them.

1) I’ll be making my recital debut at the Hudson Falls Performing Arts Center on March 24th.  I had the opportunity to hear my friends in the Decho Ensemble at this venue last summer, and after inquiring with the hall about performance opportunities, have set up a recital performance for myself.  I will be joined by my pianist and BMCC colleague, Dr. Howard Meltzer.

2) I’ll be making my first commercially available recording this summer.  I was extremely fortunate to receive a recording assistance grant from Co-Op Press, and I will be recording works by Sy Brandon, Brandon Nelson, Jamie Leigh Sampson, Andrew Martin Smith, James Willey, and Michael Bies.  I am very excited to record these works and work with such great composers!

3) I will be performing as part of the 10th International Saxophone Festival in Szczecin, Poland in June.  I will be giving a recital of works by Andrew Martin Smith, Jamie Leigh Sampson, and Alojyz Thomys, in addition to performing Roman Palester’s Concertino with orchestra, and teaching in the masterclass.

4) I will continue my recital performances at BMCC each semester, in addition to performing jazz in the Hudson Valley.

5) I will be performing with the Hudson Valley Saxophone Orchestra at the 38th Navy Band Symposium in a tribute to the Rascher Saxophone Ensemble.  I’m very excited to be performing with my wonderful colleagues in the group.

I’m sure other projects will arise during this time and I will document them here.

Happy New Year!

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