Ambitious Projects

Having goals or projects in mind is a wonderful way to stay focused and develop as a person/musician.  The musical projects and goals that I wish to undertake this year are ambitious; however, the benefits are worth the effort.  I’ll list each below and provide a brief description.

  1. Learn circular breathing — This is a technique I haven’t had the opportunity to study and implement until now.  Gregory Wanamaker’s new saxophone sonata, of Light & Shadows, utilizes this technique in the second movement, which has a perpetual motion idea.
  2. Re-learn Ferling’s 48 etudes, as well as Rascher’s 24 Intermezzi — I haven’t studied them or performed them to a great extent since I was an undergraduate student at SUNY Fredonia.  The musical and technical benefits of these studies cannot be overemphasized, as they are standard developmental literature for saxophonists.
  3. Perform multiple recitals — I’d like to perform the same set of repertoire a few times and really attempt to promote the music by younger composers.  The works of Andrew Martin Smith, Jamie Leigh Sampson, Brandon Nelson, Marek Jasinski, and Gregory Wanamaker will be balanced with older works by Karel Husa, G.F. Handel, Robert Muczynski, and Roman Palester.
  4. Produce a recording of new works for the saxophone — Over the past few years, I’ve had the wonderful fortune to collaborate with some composers and foster the creation of new music for the saxophone.  It’s a goal of mine to now professionally record these works so that there may be available for other saxophonists and new music connoisseurs.
  5. Form a strong saxophone/piano duo with a collaborative pianist — I’ve collaborated with several pianists over the years and had some wonderful performances with them.  I know and teach with some very talented pianists, so I’m hoping to form a strong chamber music duo with one of them.
This is a rather lengthy list of activities, but if the desire is strong enough and the will to complete them is there, then there is no reason why I shouldn’t be successful.

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