Searching for an instrument

Musicians are always searching for instruments.  Whether we already own a few, or we’re looking for something else that we need in our collection, we’re always looking for something.  I’m on the hunt for a baritone saxophone.  It’s the one standard sized saxophone that I don’t own.  I haven’t played much baritone in the past (one year in high school jazz band, then nothing until my doctoral studies when I played baritone in a saxophone quartet for one year, and then nothing until this past year when I played my first concert with Swing Shift on baritone and a concert with the New York Wind Symphony), but the instrument is calling to me.  I love the sound of the instrument, and I’m longing to play one of Bach’s Cello Suites on it.

But all of this is also coming down to preparedness and necessity.  I think it’s absolutely vital that today’s saxophonists be adept on at least the four main sizes of the instrument (soprano-alto-tenor-baritone), and be able to play them in both classical and jazz/commercial settings.  I’ve expanded my tonal and musical palettes greatly in the past few years, and I’m looking for the remaining pieces of the puzzle.  I want to be ready for any musical situation.

At least I have my mouthpiece situation figured out…

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